Quentin Jones interview on Robert Gordon, Charlie Gracie, The Beatles, Linda Gail Lewis & more!


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      Quentin Jones​ is our guest on Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour​ (link below) as we talk about all the various facets of his great musical career.  He's focusing on some upcoming solo recordings and we premiere a couple of those this hour.  We discuss his band Reach Around Rodeo Clowns​ with his brother Wendell, producing artists such as Linda Gail Lewis​, Robert Gordon​, Charlie Gracie & The Rockats​ and playing with folks like Billy Burnette, Kenny Aaronson​, Liberty Devitto​, David Uosikkinen​, Dr. Harmonica & Rockett 88​, Peter Noone, Graham Nash​, his Gretsch Guitars​ endorsement and more!  Hear it here: