ALL I HAVE: A Poem for Paul


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      Im not very poetic but I will give it a try for Paul because I love him and he is pretty much all I have left now for music. George is gone, Tom Petty is gone, Prince is gone. This poem is an appreciation for Paul and I am cherishing every moment while he is still with us. And for me Paul is the only one I will see in concert now . 

      All I Have

      All these years have gone by

      I sit back with tears in my eyes

      Wondering where those years have gone

      So many good men 

      Have passed on

      John, George, and Tom

      I now realize 

      That you are all I have left. 

      There is no one else for me to love but you. 

      No one else to listen to but you 

      Because my dear Paul

      All I have left is you 

      There is no one else I want to see

      Because all I have is you

      For me that is the way it has to be.