Futile Fortune words by Terri Kay Emanuel


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      Banished from the Garden

      a frightened, shivering unicorn

      lost in the woods.

      An empire

      has been built to honour her memory; celestial centerfold gallery

      restless, haunted king.

      A beguiling labyrinth dream

      entwined inside laden sleeping beauty;

      a glimpse of hope

      suddenly she's galloping freedom lies ahead

      through the forest clearing a flash of light her face in the sky

      God's reign of tears

      her unfulfilled dream shattered

      her lost poetry scattered

      generations of exaltation

      futile fortune's rapaciousness

      to recapture her vibrant essence millions

      upon millions

      upon millions

      behold vitrescent quiescent camelot procession red rose begging mercy

      for her soul her country's eternal sorrow.

      Her lover's final betrayal

      desolate anguished angel

      address book; night table

      in her forsaken farewell.

      Words by King Terri Kay Emanuel

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