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          Imagine... A wonderful album... even if not fully appreciated at the time.... the first album wasn't too bad either!

          Yet one wonders if it is worth all the expenditure on all the "extras".  The cost isn't out of control. Which is good. Will make it a MUST BUY.

          Given I bought the recent hundredth reincarnation of Sergeant Peppers (a wonderful boxset, by the way, that release... WONDERFUL albeit expensive), and given I will definitely buy the imminent White Album box set (most definitely),  I no doubt will buy this.




            Bundle info on thebeatles.com:


            and the official website:



              Can somebody please explain this convoluted mess of choices and the “customize” deal? I want the Blu-ray DVDs, all the CDs, the vinyl albums, book, etc. Not sure which to select. 



                John Lennon's 'Imagine' Gets New Life at Grammy Museum Event

                  udiscovermusic.com says my order has been shipped (last Saturday) Waiting patiently for the deluxe version to arrive. Apparently they didn’t order enough to keep up with the demand, so it is over a month late.  At this rate, I will receive the deluxe White Album first! (Due out Nov. 9th)

                    Finally arrived today!!


                      Watched the Imagine video and most of Gimme Some Truth. John looks fantastic and the quality is amazing in Blu-ray! The album was recorded in February, May and July of 1971, so John was 30. 90% of the videos I have never seen.