celestial saboteur words by Terri Kay Emanuel


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Posted by court2

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      my cards say Manhattan holds too much temptation for

      you i'll lose my vision i'll lose my power if i spend the

      night w/you Miss West Coast Scene you're too fast lane

      for me candlelight dinner you're all about the chase my

      heart will come in last place you'll ruin my personal

      growth consult the Book of Thoth henna tattoo paring

      knife comfortable in your own skin/neurotic-semiotic-

      magnetic vibe recognize me as a member of your own 

      tribe i'm not nearly as cool as the poetry i write i'm the

      lone wolf type tonight it's hard to resist Lizard Queen

      seduce Isis the constellation shine + collide i won't

      stand a chance suddenly your best girlfriend

      Nefertiti double cross me she will turn more jealous

      that she is straight although you have no

      hierophant vision babe you still win this wicked

      celestiral triangle game.