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      My Son's Laughing Eyes.


      What is more painful than pain?

      More pain?

      Unbearable pain.


      One day my son's eyes stopped laughing,

      Those eyes, always filled with laughter

      lost their laughter.


      The years passed,

      My son, with his amazing sense of humour

      laughed often,

      His eyes did not.


      A childhood idol

      walked in,

      They chatted,

      My son and this dear, gentle man.

      They laughed and talked about music,

      "What's your favourite Beatles song?" Pau asked.


      Too soon, it was time to go,

      Paul hugged my son

      and to the photographer said,

      "Take a picture of me and my new friend."


      Through tear-filled eyes I silently gave thanks

      for the sight I thought I'd never see again - 

      As I looked at that picture

      now framed on my wall,

      At long last,

      I was once more

      looking into

      my son's laughing eyes.


      Carole E. Kennedy.


      my mom wrote this poem after seeing my picture with Paul in the local newspaper.  would be nice for him to see what a difference meeting him made in my life.  this is probably the closest i'll ever get to it

        I hope your wishes come true Carson! Your mom wrote a beautiful poem.

          Beautiful xxxx