International BeatleWeek 2018 - Liverpool


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      Mark Lewisohn and Pattie Boyd, Sunday, August 26, 2018 - Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

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        Mark Lewisohn and Freda Kelly - Sunday, August 26, 2018 - Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

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          The problem with BeatleWeek is that it's more or less the same guests every year and the bands all play the same or very similar sets.

          Don't get me stated on those incosiderate folk with ipads hoisted in front of them taping songs or sets in their entriety blocking the view of those behind (especially bad in the Cavern when it's really busy!).  

          One year at The Adelphi ("the bomb shelter" shows), someone from the audience went right up to the each member of one specific band while they were actually playing their set  to try and get photos of them!  Unbelievable!

          We used to go every year but now avoid it like the plague now, and go down to Liverpool when it suits us (usually the first full week in September).

            Thanks, Johnnymain.  I'm not one for really large crowds, either, where you can't really see or enjoy anything if you're sightseeing and there's too many people around.

            I've been invited to go to BeatleFanFests in Chicago, but again, too crowded for me, but I'm sure it's a good way to meet people and connect with other fans!

              I've been to the last 5 beatleweeks and i absolutely adore it. The people who organize it work incredibly hard to mix things up and keep it fresh. I would definetly recommend it to anyone considering going. 

                I would still really like to go. It's not something I'm likely to do twice, so I would really like to hear Patti and Freda and others talk.