Paul on Howard Stern radio show - 9/5/2018


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      Thought Paul did great on the Howard Stern show today! Enjoyed listening to it very much.  The discussion was mainly on his career and song writing which was great, Howard seemed to know not to intrude too much into questions beyond that, except in asking Paul about his spiritual beliefs, which seems like a safe topic!   Thought the interview went really well and Paul seemed very relaxed and comfortable with Howard,  yet professional at the same time, in talking about the new album, etc.  

      Howard seemed very sincere at the end when he told Paul how much he and his music were appreciated, thought that was nice. 

      If someone can find a good link so others can listen to the interview, maybe we can post it here.

        Ha! I just posted about this show in the other thread. It will probably show up on youtube.


            So did i

              Maybe the mods can combine them all in a MEDIA thread.