Does anyone have one of the Hope For The Future Sweet Thrash vinyls?


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Posted by Nancy R

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      Hi all! I'm new here, looking for someone with a copy of the Sweet Thrash vinyl. As I'm sure many of you know, Sir Paul worked on a video game called Destiny in 2012, and released the song "Hope For The Future" in 2014 when the game came out. What you may not know is that HFTF was originally written to be part of a larger work called Music of the Spheres. Sir Paul wrote a lot of the orchestral stuff with Marty and Mike, two friends of mine. 

      Anywho, some corporate drama happened and Music of the Spheres wasn't released until this last June. For those who want to hear MotS, go here - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDOdDCOrPnmk4cZpScZ-ZJ8Xt5WgdkuAc 

      Track 8 - "The Hope" is where Hope For The Future was intended to be heard, and if you listen to that track you can hear it its natural habitat.

      What does this have to do with the Sweet Thrash mix? Well, for years I have worked to help put the pieces back to together and fix the corporate drama with MotS from a fan perspective. Now that MotS is out for everyone, I'm trying to get all the other missing pieces out to where people can hear them. I have the poetry coming out (yes, Sir Paul's music had poetry written for it by a guy named Malcolm Guite!), and now my focus is on the unreleased mixes of Hope For The Future. I've managed to track down a CD with the radio edit, and now all I need is the Sweet Thrash mixes. 

      So, was anyone around here able to get a copy of that? If so, would you be willing for me to help you rip the music from the vinyl so more people can hear it? The Destiny community would greatly appreciate it.

        Go to Paul's MPL licensing website and type in "Hope For The" into the title search.  You should see the tracks you're looking for:





          Clickable link: