Sept 7, 2018-Grand Central Station, New York - live stream


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      well they should tell their friends to stop spreading rumors. I'm sorry but someone very close to them said it was staged.... and there are videos of them talking with the camera crew before the show. Anyway, none of my business - good for them 

      Arent those 2 young ladies members of this board?  Perhaps they can shed some light on this.  I see them at every single show always in the first 10 rows if not closer.  Are they affiliated with the band in anyway? I would think Pauls crew would have to know them by now, as they are always together, and jumping around at the shows.  Also, the lady in the pic with the glasses was brought onstage by him once before, and he signed her back.  Pretty sure it was her.

      Yes, the black woman with the glasses is Alvita. She was a boardie here and yes, was brought onstage once before and he signed her upper back, which she had tattooed. Not affiliated with the band, just uber fans. 

      Thanks for clarifying.  

      They are both signed & tattooed.

      So is another former boardie who was friends with Alvita. 

      I know this is probably an unpopular opinion: but I find it unfair that they they have both been brought onstage before at other Paul gigs, and got brought up AGAIN at Grand Central Station. Other people should be given a chance to meet Paul too!

      Not unpopular with me, my friend!