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      Hi All--I was on here some time ago, but have just been keeping up with our Paulie on FB & social media.  My name is Judi, been a fan since seeing The Boys on Ed Sullivan back in '64.  Just wanted to say a quick hello from Arkansas, and I hope to see some of you wonderful Paul Peeps during his upcoming tour! 

        Hi Judi! What was your old screen name? I’ve been a fan too since even before the Ed Sullivan show, when I first heard I Want To Hold Your Hand at the end of Dec. 1963 (I was 8) And our lives were changed forever, right? 😀

          Hi Nancy--

          thanks for the welcome.

          i honestly don't remember what my old screen name was--I'm old! Lol

          yes, our lives were definitely changed by the Four Lads--I'm so glad I've been able to enjoy all their music.

          as Ringo says, Peace & Love!!