Hi how do I let you know how grateful I am?


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      Dear PaulI don't know if you will ever read this but I want to say what a huge influence you have on my family and our amazing future.My dad Terry was a huge Beatles and wings fan and loved every piece of music you made.So much that I was named after you...if I was a boy I should have been James Paul McCartney Evans lol sadly I was a girl so became Paula my sister was named Julia a connection to John...weird we fought like cats and dogs but we made it up in the ballroom hahaha.Today would have been my dad's 64th birthday and tomorrow my son Aaron starts at LIPA studying performance technology. Needless to say my dad would be in tears if he was here. I'm so proud of Aaron the odds were against him but he made it to university and one of the world's leading universitiesĀ  in the arts. Thank you your music has inspired my dad , me and now helps my son in a bright future (excuse the pun he loves lights!)Keep rocking and I love the new album I hope one day I get to shake hands with the man who lit the way for my family x