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      Hey all-

      How long has the show been running this year?

      I know Yankee Stadium in 2011 was 2 hrs 45, Barclays '13 was 2 hrs 40, Albany '14 was 2 hrs 50.

      How long has it been running this year?

        Little shorter than that, probably closer to 2 hours 20 mins or maybe 2 hours 30 mins. The lack of a second encore saves time and then he's also doing 2 songs less than he was at the end of Out There.

        I liked the lack of 2 encores but I did notice that the show didn't quite feel like the marathon that it has previously.

          2h50 in Paris this year with Michelle and Give Peace A Chance.

          I'm looking for the longest show anyway...
          43 songs in Paris, Stade de France 2015. (Including Michelle, a snippet of Yellow Submarine and a fourth song in the 1rt rappel, I Saw Her Standing There)

            Prague was 2h 40mins.

              Berlin war 2h 40mins. (20:05 - 22:45)

              Last year he did 39 songs, this year it's 38 songs, so that's why it's 5 minutes shorter than it used to be.

              So when he does the standard setlist, it's 2hours 40mins.
              When he adds one or two songs like in Paris, then it's longer.

                Munich was about 2 hours 35 minutes.

                The usual 38 songs (Golden Slumbers... counting as three).

                  Hershey was around 2 hours 45 minutes (unofficially, by my watch)

                    Hamilton was 2:50. Well worth the money we spent on tickets

                      Hi all -

                      I tried to review some of the recent concert threads but am having a hard time tracking down this info. Any experiences people can share about how close to ticket time he takes the stage and how long the shows have been? As far as show length I have seen 2 1/2 hours or 3 hours.

                      I have my whole family going this Sunday (including my 70 year old mom!) but we are all coming in by train from various locations in NJ & NY and depending on start time and length of concert I may have to make other arrangements for people due to the train schedules (especially on the way home).

                      So any inside scoop would be GREATLY appreciated!

                      Thanks all!

                        You might try asking over in that thread...


                          He never starts at 8-usually about 8:30ish. Most concerts end around 11ish ENJOY!