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      Dear Sir Paul McCartney,  I do not know if you will ever receive this note. Though I hope and pray that you will.  I wish to thank you, and the band, for a wonderful time in Winnipeg on September 28, 2018, where I saw you perform LIVE for the first time.  Seeing you was life changing as you may imagine.  Dear, kind sir, thanks for sharing all of your beautiful music and melodies, and everything that you are inside with the world.  At Bell Center I sat in the 4th row seat 3, on your left.  I had a nice view so I felt blessed to be able to see you and the show closeup amidst a great vibe with so many fans in the arena and everyone having such a good time.  Experiencing your performance seemed so surreal..some of my earliest memories are of hearing your songs on the radio in New York. I was 5 years old then, but imagine I must have been hearing your tunes way before that at home.  It's funny too, because at the show I had a big sign that said, "THIS GIRL ..WANTS to DANCE with YOU" (oops! my bad, it was too big! but too late to revise sizing. Though I am unsure if my sign was noticed where I was standing, many thanks go out to fellow fans who helped me raise it higher, in hopes!<3  Every moment of that fine evening of music was enjoyable. I almost broke down and cried when you sang your valentine song to your beloved wife, Nancy, with so much feeling.  And, especially liked it when you sang one of my all-time favorites, "Blackbird"! Of course, I loved the classics..and ALL the new songs from "Egypt Station" too.  Thank you forevermore for "transmitting" and performing some of your new music on Fallon, and at Grand Central Station. (I almost "picked-up" in time to see you in my backyard, when I missed you there I knew I would see you at the next possible place which I could get to -- Winnipeg!)  Again, kindly accept my deep, heartfelt thanks for an unforgettable time. With love, from me to you, Rebecca-Maridew, West Chelsea, NYC.

        Rebecca, what a wonderful, touching, heartfelt letter and review. Thank you for sharing that here. I know Sir Paul will be happy and appreciative to read this.  You were fortunate to have such a close seat, which must have been an ongoing thrill that evening you will always remember.