Paul's Ode to "Shoes" Is Touching


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Posted by SusyLuvsPaul

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      Paul wrote a song snippet about shoes when asked to by this young lady interviewer, in a vid (at first I thought she was Felicity Jones, but she's not). Similar to his right off the top of his head spontaneous "Picasso" ditty when asked to write a song right then, but it's not an entire song. What there is of it, sounds poignant and touching, to me. Somebody in an "Let's Animate It" facebook group animated the song snippet and also auto tuned part of the music.  Click on this link to see and hear it. This "Shoes" made me recall seeing a photo of $1,000 beige satin sneakers designed by Stella McCartney, LOL. They're a lovely pair of sneakers, which are in style now even to wear with fancy dresses.


        I don't know why that link can't be clicked on, here. It could on my facebook page. Well, some people didn't like it all that much, anyway. It's something different, though.

          Clickable link:


            That's it ! Thanks, Nancy !  Some people don't like that the song snippet was auto tuned in the animation.