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      Netflix is running a documentary co produced and directed by his daughter Rashida Jones.

      Only two Beatles are mentioned.


      Quincy has his arm around Paul and asking Paul how’s he doing.  Paul responds politely.  Only a few images of Paul and Michael regarding the song, “The Girl Is Mine.”  No story behind the recording sessions (though we know Paul’s side of the story).  That’s all.


      In a still picture of Quincy, Peggy Lipton and one of their kids, Quincy is wearing a Dark Horse t-shirt representing the record label founded by George Harrison.

      All in all, a good documentary.  Check it out.

        One of Quincy Jones' daughters with Peggy Lipton, Kadida Jones, is the new editor of the "Vanity Fair" glossy mag in the U.S. She features more articles about black artists with Pulitzer Prize winner Kendrick Lamar a recent cover story. It was an interesting read. He's considered quite a "rap poet," a Bard of Hip Hop, as you might surmise from his winning the Pulitzer. Quincy's other daughter with Peggy (Lipton is a former Paul fling) is Rashida Jones.