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      I've got the Hot Sound package for Boston/Fenway - can anyone with experience in the US on this experience post some reviews to help set my expectations?

        It is an experience you will not forget. If one can afford it, fans should go!

        Very briefly:

        escorted upstairs
        veggie snack.
        led to the floor when Paul gets to the arena
        Your vantage point for soundcheck is at the soundboard, roughly 40 rows from the stage.

        45-50 minute soundcheck, always lighthearted, mostly different material,
        Each of the different instruments is played, and usually ends with a short
        "Lady Madonna" to check the video playback and some FX.

        say hi to Shelley Lazar. She hands out picks and keeps everyone jumping.
        A real sweetie.

        Led back upstairs for dinner. The Merch booths are usually open by this point if you
        want a shirt or program.

        Veggie Dinner.

        As you leave, you are given your SWAG bag, this time it has a blanket, and a nice rolled poster in a tube.

        You then go to your seats (first five rows!), watch the film, then it all happens....

        BTW, we will be covering this in our podcast in a few weeks, link below.

          Thanks edschen!

          Any idea what time you are told to arrive? We're planning on spending the night at a hotel in Boston that evening but will be driving up from CT the day of the show. We will need to drop kids off at Grandparents etc. that morning..

          I'll check out the podcast as well - I saw you recently did one on Pure McCartney which frankly, I am up in the air about purchasing as I have all the songs and remasters already. I understand that those not yet remastered will be for this set, but still not sure it's much more than a playlist to me.

            Email you receive will tell you arrival time. I think it's like 3:30 or 4 PM, but make sure you are there on time. They won't let you in if you arrive late.

              I hope the veggie dinner is good - did they sell hot dogs etc. at the show?

                BandontheRun:I hope the veggie dinner is good - did they sell hot dogs etc. at the show?

                The venues sell whatever they normally sell, so yes, I assume Fenway will sell hot dogs during the concert.

                The veggie dinner is different in every city, because the soundcheck organizers work with each venue in each city to provide the meal. There is usually some sort of pasta and a grilled vegetable choice, but the other options will vary. Someone who's done a soundcheck at Fenway in the past can probably tell you what they were served.

                Best part about soundcheck package to me is getting that extra 45 min or so of Paul performing. Oh yeah, and the good seat for the concert. ;)

                The arrival time for the previous US shows this year has been 4:00 pm so I doubt that will change. They want you in place and ready when Paul arrives so that the soundcheck can begin as soon as he gets there.

                  Memphis 2013: No snack beforehand, but the Veggie meal was a feast of a buffet including a "make your own sundae!" 2 free either alcoholic or soft drinks. It was WONDEFUL! (SC was first, then the meal) The soundcheck was way back near the soundboard and I was in the 2nd row of that.

                  Atlanta 2014: Soundcheck was behind the first section of seats (less than 25 rows back) and in front of the soundboard. I was in the first row of that, so it seemed super close compared to Memphis the year before. The food was TERRIBLE!! Just a few crappy hors d'oeuvres that were stone cold when they should have been at least warm. I was glad I ate a piece of pizza in the food court before entering the arena at 4ish.

                  And, yes, DO NOT be late! Get there at 2 pm and scope the place out. Eat something in case the food is like Atlanta (made me so ashamed of my home town!) ops: