Arlington TX-June 14 2019- Globe Life Park-CONFIRMED


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Posted by DanielLumpkin

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      Pre-sale is for verified fans.  Good luck to all trying for tix.

        Hello! Excited Paul is coming to Arlington!

        Anybody has any idea of the price ranges? 

        Thanks in adavance!

          I had issues with the verified presale. Everytime I would select verified presale tickets I would get an error. I was finally able to get it to work after an hour or so and grab two tickets.  Does anyone that has seen Paul at other stadium shows have an idea of where the speaker poles might be? A little bit worried that my seat may be obstructed by them based on the location.  

            So excited for this show! Verified presale worked quick for me. Had four tickets within two minutes of the sale opening.

              Who is going to this show?  Any interest in getting together before or after the concert?

                I have an extra sound check ticket for this show I'm needing to sell.  4th Row Center.  Not looking to make money, just my cost.  I'm going with my son and have paper tickets so can meet at the sound check to exchange.  Message if interested.


                  Fab4Clayton wrote:

                  Who is going to this show?  Any interest in getting together before or after the concert?

                  Sure.    I'm coming in from Houston just for the day...

                    edschen, I sent you a message.  Did you get it?

                      Fab4Clayton wrote:

                      edschen, I sent you a message.  Did you get it?

                      Sure did!   Thanks!

                        Do you plan on being there?

                          Yes.    Sent you a PM.

                            Your turn, Texas! Have a great show tonight! 

                              The concert was great, as usual.  Since it was the last show before Paul's birthday, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to him.  This was after he read a sign that said "Happy Birthday".  One sign said something about Grandude which is what my shirt and sign were about.  I was too far away for him to see my shirt or sign though.  Paul mentioned that on the screen there was a picture of him and one of his very young daughters.  Now, he said, she has four kids of her own.  

                              People have mentioned the horns.  They added a lot to the show.  I didn't realize that they played during so many of the songs.  Abe's dance moves are very funny and fun.

                              Concert started at 8:30 rather than 8:00 and was 2 3/4 hours long.  Paul did take a sip of water and the audience reacted.  LOL.  His voice was good, little rough here and there but over-all good.  I don't write the set list down but I think it was pretty standard.  Since it was an outdoor arena, they had live fireworks after "live and let die".  (Besides the usual ones they have in the front of the stage).

                              10 of us got together at a restaurant before the concert and we had a fab time.  So fun to hang out with fellow fans who have become friends.



                                Great show!

                                  Tori in Texas wrote:

                                  Great show!

                                  Yeah! I was there and I enjoyed every minute of it! Super Show🎷🎸🎷🎶

                                    does anyone have a download of this show? thanks!