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Posted by Mr. Spock

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      Hello to the people with the good music taste :*

      I'm Phil from germany and since some hours back from Vienna, where Paul played his two concerts. Love the Beatles since i'm 7 and here their songs including Macca's till today NonstopI'm playing guitar and bass - Love my 500/1 Höfner and have also some projects hereAlso i'm an artist. WIll show my pictures in the Art forum here :)

      I'm glad to be here and yes, hope we have a good time


      .....Getting better all the time :)Best regards,Phil

        Hello Phil.

        I'm an old fan, but new here to the forums. My husband was born in Germany and we usually visit Germany and Austria this time of year. I can't believe we didn't go this year - we could have seen Paul! 

          Welcome to the both of you!! Its always great to see fans from all over connect here from the starting point of a shared love for Paul 


          Please let any of the Moderators know if we can assist with any issues you may have and we hope you enjoy your time here on the Maccaboard