Sir Paul Mccartney's Kindness, Has Started A Spiritual Evolution For Animals.


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      Paul is an inspiration to those of us who feel a spiritual connection to the Earth.

      Through his kindness, and higher awareness, Paul teaches us, that human beings have no right to upset the peace or natural state of the animal kingdoms and I believe he is rightDue to a new awareness of environmental destruction, a spiritual animal evolution is upon us and Paul has been leading the way to help human kind see it more clearly.

      Through his brave attempts to change the way people view animal kind and the planet, Paul is helping to spiritually evolve the human mind to so it will see things in a kinder, more humane way, 

      The truth is, any human being that thinks they have a right to upset the peace of the animal kingdoms, is only claiming that right, because they claim to be a superior species. (Which they are not.) All human rights, are self appointed rights that human beings individually feel entitled too, however, the right to kill, exploit, wear, or harm an animal, is not a right given to mankind by nature, nor was it given to mankind by God.

      Animals have rights too. Animals have rights to their own, bodies, spirits and minds and if animals could pray, (Which I am certain they do, in there own way) I feel, because they are humble, that they would ask God to forgive the human race for the great damage that man has done to their peace of mind, there precious lives and there sacred habitats.

      The Following video, is a an animal welfare song that I wrote, it was inspired by the great Paul McCartney and it asks the question, “Do Animals Pray?”



        That song is pretty. Are you sisters twins? That's some good singing, too.

          SusyLuvsPaul wrote:

          That song is pretty. Are you sisters twins? That's some good singing, too.

          Thank you again for the compliment, you are very kind,

          My sister and I are two years apart, we are proffessionally trained singers. Our duet is known on line as both "2American girls" and "The Harmony Sisters USA."

          We are music therapists, which means, we sing seven days a week for the elderly, disabled, blind, sick and infirmed. 

          Music you see, stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function The human brain contains neural mechanisms that selectively respond to the sound of music, these neural mechanisms in the brain, become enhanced in the elderly and people with disabilities.

          Our job is basically one of memory and motion enhancement and reorientation, (Such as in cases of stroke and head injury victims.)