A Quest For Peace, A Demand For Change! Make Compassion Be Your Passion!


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      Be the peace you want to see in the world!

      “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to meSpeaking words of wisdom, let it be.”….Paul McCartney

      Never Let Be, what you can change, especically if that change is for the purpose of belevolence and kindness. Always make changes that will emulate peace.Corinthians 14:33; "God is not a God of disorder, but a God of peace."

      Everything that lives must die, therefore human beings should not add to the death rate, by killing animals to survive.  Animal consumption, animal experimentation and animal suffering does not cure human disease, nor does it prolong human life. Animal consumption, animal experimentation and animal suffering only adds to the emotional and physical despair of those who are made victims of human greed and self interest.

      Every living thing has an expiration date, human beings are not immune to death and they are not immune to suffering, therefore they should not use an animals death and suffering as a means to survive.Because human beings were granted legal rights to kill, by human law makers, they feel that they have the authority to mistreat, abuse, violate, disrespect and deny animal kind the right to life and a peaceful existence.

      From the beginning, man placed their love for violence, sin and bloodshed over God’s commands to not eat meat and now there lust for ultimate supremacy has set even more wars and more bloodshed upon this Earth. Human beings that deny animals their right to exist in peace without fear, death, distress and suffering from human interference, are criminals of nature, for they are interfering in the natural lives of animal kind. These human beings have been keeping non human animals in slavery and captivity, for far too long. It is time that moral change became part of our human laws. Human beings with the opinion that animals do not have rights must stand down, while animal without rights, get their chance to legally reign supreme.

      Peace starts when human minds evolve from lower states and rise into the progrssion of higher awareness.

      For us to truly be progressive, we must let go of past traditions that add to the suffering and destruction of our planet and all of her life forms.

      The following Video is an original song called:

      “The Human Stain.” This song reflects upon the deterioration of kindness and peace in mankind.