How Are You Measuring Up To Paul's Vision Of A Meat Free, Anti Bullying Kinder World?


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      The violent attacks on our Animal kingdoms, the environment and each other, are unacceptable. 

      Animal activists, vegans and vegetarians, we are living and fighting in a hell of human making while we face down the most atrocious injustice of all human evils.

      This Human evil can be found in our governments laws, on our streets and in our food chains, slaughter houses, animal mills, animal entertainment industries, factory farms and any farm that uses animal flesh, fur or body parts, for human gain. 

      This Human evil can be found in our stores, commerce, markets and man made products sold in these places and it can also be found  in our human laboratories, sports and medical professions.

      In my life time, I have never seen more carnage, more bloodshed and more cruelty.

      In my life time I have never seen more pain, suffering, agony, distress or foul play, and to think that this abhorrent behavior extends to bullying, raping, persecuting, harming and killing each other, is beyond belief.

       This war against our environment, the animal kingdoms and each other, is a Shameful, inexcusable, unwarranted and inequitable war, that is smothering all human sensitivity, kindness and dignity,  and because of  our inhumane, atrocious human behavior, our humanity, our human honor, our human decency and our human superiority is now buried in the deepest and darkest of all graves.

      The following video is an original song called;

      “The Measure OF A Man.” It was written for, “The Coalition Against Violence In America.”