Live And Let Die In Dignity, Live And Let All Life Live A Natural Life, Without The Interference Of Destructive Human Minds!


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      We are the Age of Light Ministry; “Doing that which is LIGHT.”

      We are devoted exclusively to awakening, maintaining and preserving the Light of the Spirit.We do not preach or teach what is right or wrong, but what is Light and what is Dark.

      In order to maintain and preserve the Light of the spirit, we must first be aware of the Light inside us, know how to access it and call it forward; protect it, nurture it and most of all, project it outward so it may shine on the world.

      The most damaging force to the Light is darkness, which comes in oppressive, hateful thinking, which creates divisions and causes suffering and misery. For this reason our ministry offers a shelter from common, popular, mainstream thinking and its customs, traditions, behaviors, industries and media offerings, as we dedicate our lives to the purification of spirit, and a return to innocence. We possess a sincere devotion to compassionate and humane conduct including a passionate awareness for the sanctity of the earth and all life upon her.

      Our work includes teaching, enlightening and healing those who seek transformation from darkened states, (we do not seek to convert, we teach only when asked or when confronted), we advocate to promote the end of suffering for all life forms and the cessation of all industries and practices that contribute to suffering, and we contribute to reputable charities that support our causes and ideals.Our shelter from the mainstream is our sanctuary from darkness and will include round table discussions and conversations on like-minded issues and topics, friendship, mentoring, support in and understanding the transition from darkened states to Light, and strategic planning for the forward momentum of the ministry.

      We are promoting a community free of human darkness in all its forms and faces: Bullying, drugs, excessive alcohol, smoking, hate, prejudices, jealousy, envy, greed, self-interest, sexual impropriety, violence, animal, environmental and human abuse, suffering, exploitation and cruelty, (cruelty includes all forms of hunting, trapping and fishing; the use of animals in sports and entertainment, animal testing and animal product consumerism regardless of personal or cultural justification or tradition.) We respect the earth and work towards a full restoration of the environment and our planet.

      Our values are high, our morals are impeccable and our goals are heavenly.We are the Age of Light and we are here to create heaven on earth.

      The Following Video, is an original song called; "They Come By The Thousands."

      This song was written for all who protest against injustice.