Be like Paul, Become Awakened And Enlightened To The Animal And Human Suffering In This World!


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      The seed of moral change must be planted in our countries so the path to morale change will be realized, internalized and vocalized by all people in every single country and in every single city, in every state and land.

      Encouraging kindness in our actions and veganism in our diets and lifestyles must be the new positive world focus.

      Unfortunately, to make all people realize the necessity for this moral change, you must first change centuries of destructive human programming’s.

      Changing the past programming’s of human minds is almost impossible, because some human minds are incapable of change. For an adults mind to change, there must be room for growth and expansion so new ideas can seep in.

      Most human minds close out new ideas and concepts, do to fear of change and therefore, when the adult mind reaches it's fullest capacity of Comfortable knowledge, it turns off all receivers to NEW knowledge, while developing a very limited scope that Clings to past programming’s.

      Clinging to past programmings is the number one reason for stagnant thought patterns. Once a mind is set in its way, it cannot comprehend or receive new mental simulations, so it shuts down and refuses new data. The thought of going VEGAN or VEGETARIAN  is foreign material for a closed mind.

      My sister and I are firm believers in peace. But there cannot be peace, unless human kind willingly chooses to cease all violence in there human minds and lives. Man must completely turn vegan  and live a vegan lifestyle for peace to grace itself upon our Earth , besides turning Vegan, man must also agree to end wars and human caused suffering, and NEVER instigates new wars  and human caused suffering EVER again.

      The following video is an original song called: “Who Ever Finds This Letter.”