Accepting, Supporting, Promoting And Condoning, Bullying, Violence And Animal Suffering , Is An Archaic Mindset


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      “Don’t change who you are, change how you feel about the things that you think and do.

      Begin thinking and acting as your spirit self by saying to yourself;

      "I have no physically body to harm myself, or others." Now, ask yourself;

      “What Would My Spirit Do?”

      A healthy, well balanced spirit, would NOT harm itself or others and in fact, it's prime directive would be to seek undisturbed peace.

      Only when we are physical creations, do we seek the self gratification of wars, greed and violence.

      The animal kingdoms are the most vulnerable creations on this physical Earth and this is why human beings have marked all non human animals, as the victims of what they deem as, necessary human destruction, elimination, exploitation and experimentation.

      It is a known fact, that human beings prey on the innocent and the helpless everyday, and in fact, the victims who are not helpless, human beings make helpless, through hunting, stalking, and chasing them, with violent and harmful weapons and traps.

       Human beings hunt, stalk, and chase animals to steal their lives, their young, their, habitats or their body parts like, their teeth, fur, flesh, bones, tusks, horns, or heads.

      Human beings also hunt, stalk, and chase animals, for the purpose of killing and exploiting them, or for the purpose of confining and restricting them, behind bars, or on farms, in slaughter houses, or in cages until they can use them for entertainment, food and experimentation procedures.

      Knowing that the human race does indeed cause harm, suffering, self mutilation, self destruction, persecution, bullying and death to itself, it is easy to understand How they can cause it to other life forms, including the very planet that they live on.

      So, why does this species think they are so superior? To allow the absurdity of their inhumane actions to continue, is a puzzlement.

       The derangement of the outcome from human actions, can only come from  some unseen decline in thinking skills  so, could this dementia be setting in because they do not use their minds?The answer is YES! No SANE human being could ever over look, dismiss or ignore the violence, torture and suffering that goes on everyday because of human complacency and acceptance.

      The answer to this question is simple, No one wants to tip the apple cart, and make human beings seem, inferior or wrong.

      Every destructive thing that human beings have done to themselves and the planet, including the human massacre of animal lives, has become an accepted and popular way of life, among human traditions.

      To fight against a human tradition would be to say that very human tradition was WRONG, and human beings above all costs, cannot be wrong. 

      To even suggest that a human being could be wrong  in their thinking, would suggest that  human kind lost their claim to their own self appointed superiority and dominance over the Earth, and all of its other non human life forms.

      The fact of the matter is this, Human beings are definitely, and positively WRONG to think and act the way they do especially when their thoughts and actions are destroying the planet that sustains their own lives.

      Because human beings have been doing the wrong things, and acting in the wrong way for centuries, it is obvious that their human superiority is flawed.

      Human beings are by nature, violent, non thinking creatures who relish in creating suffering to themselves and others.

      Is Human Superiority REALLY Flawed? How Can That Be?

      Human beings are the most flawed creations on Earth because they do NOT accept responsibility for their own actions. When you do not control your thoughts and actions, your thoughts and actions control you.

      The following video is an original song called: “Guns And Missiles.”