Paul Reminds Us That It Is Time To Put A Hault To Human Industrialism.


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      It is such a pity that the wildlife and natural places of this beautiful planet we inhabit are being destroyed by thoughtless industrialization. This scandal can be halted and there are hopeful signs that people are starting to realize that this must be done to secure a brighter future for our children and theirs.”….Paul McCartney

      The Children Shall LeadWho are the children?The children are the innocent ones, the ones who are free from human corruption.The ones who bear no blood on their hands from there own selfish greed and gain.The children are the ones who bear no guilt over the destruction of the animal kingdoms or the planet.

      As acting stewards to this planet we must use our voices to continue to protest, so all whom have ears, will hear our cries and all whom have eyes will see this great injustice that the human race has brought upon all animal kingdoms.

      From this day forward, it is up to us to tell the world that there will be NO more animal suffering and no more animal murder, not on our planet and not in our commerce.

      From this day forward, it is time we demanded that all traders, trade in humane goods, so that there will be no more no more animal exploitation, animal slaughter and no more animal experimentation, not on our watch, not in our life time and not in the habitats that house the Earth’s animal kingdoms.

      When speaking of humanity, it is a fact, that human industry is the farthest thing from being humane, benevolent or kind, and although you may want too say I am wrong in having this view point, you cannot logically disregard evidence that contradicts your preferred version of business ethics and world events.

      When you reflect upon the origins of human industry, you can clearly tell that any industry that promotes the destruction of animal life, was founded through the motivation of personal greed. Using positions of humans in power, Human beings manefest their destructive visions of death, while using their money on propaganda that will influence and deceive the masses into believing that animal lives are expendable as long as they are being used for human, profit and gain.

      Human industrialism is the number one killer of our planet, while human over population, is drastically depleting the land of food and territory that is needed to house and feed the animal kingdoms.

      Depleting animal territories and habitats has created astronomical starvation and homelessness for the animal kingdom's of the world, who are now being forced to take refuge in stolen human territories that once belonged to them,

      Creating more need, for animal kind, is not the way to human survival or salvation and in fact, creating more need, for animal kind, is most certainly  the way to human destruction.

      Through human industrialism, we now have unnatural degrees of climate change and global warming, and as you all know, climate change and global warming is the single biggest threat to a worldwide industrialized civilization.

      The fact is, the more we take away from the animals, the more we damage and put an end to the existence of human kind and the planet we live on.

      The follow video is an original song called:

      “The Children Shall Lead.”