Following In Paul's Footsteps! What My Sister And I Are Doing, Is Saving The Planet One Song At A Time.


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      Just like our beloved Paul, through our original music, my sister and I are making people aware of climate change, Deforestation, pollution, meat eating, and animal and environmental welfare one song at a time! 

      Through our musical compositions, we hope to stimulate and restore sensitivity in human hearts and minds for human minds are directly impacted and influenced by music and entertainment as a whole.

      Using music and other forms of entertainment sources can give human kind a greater and more positive awareness of themselves and the world around them, so they will acquire skills that will help them refocus  there thoughts so they will think and act in a more peaceful, thoughtful, humane and compassionate way.

      Being educated as music therapists, we can tell you that the neural mechanisms in the brain that directly relate to sound, can be used to help make this world a more humane, conscientious and compassionate place, for both kids and adults alike. 

      Through music and entertainment, we can promote songs with healthy emotional content and world awareness, that will lead the way to a more compassionate, humane and enlightened tomorrow.

      Paul McCartney, who is already doing just this, recently said :

      “People who deny climate change, I just think it’s the most stupid thing ever,” the former Beatle told the BBC in a new interview. “So I just wanted to make a song that would talk about that and basically say, ‘Occasionally, we’ve got a mad captain sailing this boat we’re all on, and he is just going to take us to the iceberg [despite] being warned it’s not a cool idea.'” Asked if he had anyone in mind, he replied, “Obviously, it’s Trump, but there’s plenty of them about. He’s not the only one.”

      Being a vegetarian social activist duet from Massachusetts, it disturbes us greatly, that our current presidential administration, denies the existence of climate change.

      America has fallen into hard times and if something isn’t done quickly to stop our own governments attack on climate change, America will be the country that leads the rest of the world into complete environmental ruin.

      Any move, gesture, or action that causes death, suffering, distress, and hardship to the planet and it’s life forms, is a wrong action. Denying climate change creates hardship,

      ANY move, gesture, or action that oppresses, the rights, freedom, peace or equality,of any sentient life form is the wrong action. Denying climate change is oppressive.

      My sister and I want to represent the best of America and her values, morals, ethics, dignity and honor.

      When America leads, the world follows.

      When America leads the world emulates.

      It is time Americans Stood-up for what is right, instead of standing behind what is wrong.

      The Following video is an orginal song titled:“We’ve Got To Save The World

      Lyrics  & Music By; Irma and Marie Carew(c)1989

      We've got to save the world; We've got to save the world.

      Deny it, you can't hide it; climate change is here,

      Global warming is killing the earth;

      it's getting worse and worse every year.

      (I'ts the world's biggest fear.)

      We've got to save the world; We've got to save the world.

      Pollution on our land, pollution in our seas,

      Pollution in the air, all because of ..Who? …Human Beings. (It stinks)

      We've got to save the world; We've got to save the world.

      Taking a drag from their cigarettes, as they ride on down the road.

      they roll down their windows and flick them outside,

      As if the earth could actually smoke! (What a joke!)

      We've got to save the world; We've got to save the world.

      Grabbing a quick bite to eat;

      They throw their litter right into the street,Then walk away never looking to see,

      Who in the hell will pick up their debris.

      We've got to save the world; We've got to save the world.

      Let's pretend it's Friday again,

      And time to go drinking with all of our friends.

      We guzzle the liquid and throw out the flasks,

      never thinking of who might get cut by the glass (No Class!)

      Environmentally speaking, we've got to do something fast,

      If we don't take action, this world's not gonna last.

      We've got to save the world; We've got to save the world.