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      My son got me a mint condition of this original 1964 Beatles bubblegum card, sealed in plastic with a little wooden stand for it! (This photo is from a friend of mine who bought the entire color set of cards in 1979 for $15!) My daughter got me two books: Imagine John Yoko and book by Bruce Spizer all about the Beatles White Album in which I am quoted! Great Christmas! What Beatles goodies did everyone else get?

        Black socks with the Beatles logo on them. I have them on right now.

          My wonderful husband got me the remastered George albums, remastered Concert for George, and remastered White Album/Esher demos. It was a good Christmas. :)

            My son gave me a small pin that says All You Need Is Love and a wooden music box that shows their Abbey Road silhouettes and plays Let It Be when you crank it.