Beatles new virtual reunion (mix and arrangement) for 2019. yep!


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Posted by Nancy R

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      Hi everyone!

      I'm Roger and recently i have finished a new compilation of my favarite Beatles album "Abbey Road".

      The goal of my work was to make a virtual reunion of the Beatles and do a remake of some of the songs from Abbey Road album.

      All voices are original from the group members find on youtube.  But all instruments have been written and played my myself in my home studio.

      This is a gift to anyone who love the Beatles and Abbey Road.  

      You can ask me to be friend and leave comments please.  It would be very appreciated!


      Happy new year everyone!

      Roger :)

        Clickable link:


        Very nice! You are a talented guitarist. English is not your first language, is it? The lyrics are a bit incorrect in parts. Example: in You Never Give Me Your Money, it is “negotiation” and “break” down. 

        I sent you a PM. Just click on the little envelope icon at the top right.