Dodger Stadium floor seat chart with numbered seats?


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      I am looking to purchase tickets for the final show at Dodger stadium. I've called 866-Dodgers and tried emailing both tickets.com and an email I found on the Dodgers official website regarding special event tickets but to no avail. The people I've talked to have no idea and the I haven't heard from any of the email I sent.

      Anyway, the information I'm looking for is how the seats are numbered. As we're facing the stage are the seats from left to right 1-30 (or whatver the last seat in a section is) or 30-1. Example: If I had Section D row 1 seat 1, would that be on the aisle next to sectoin E or section F.

      Hope it's not too confusing, I just want to be sure I get the tickets I want since I'm spending a pretty penny on them. Thanks for the input and help and have a great day/week.

        for anyone in the same boat as me, I just received an email back from the official dodgers email account (eventtix@dodgers.com is the email I used to send the messsage) and received a reply from MVP@ladodgers.com and it states

        "In section E on the floor, when looking at the stage, seat 1 will be closer to section D and center stage, whereas seat 30 will be closer to section F and would be further away from the stage".

        Hope this helps someone out as I was ripping my hair out trying to figure the seat number layout for the show. On ticketmaster it shows the opposite for the Lambeau field show, that 1 starts to the right if you're facing the stage, but in another venue it showed that 1 starts to the left if you're facing the stage. It shouldn't be a huge hassle but tickets.com make it that way. It's easy to find the seat numbers if you're going to a show that has ticketmaster in charge of the tickets.