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      Hello Everyone,

      Extremely excited about Paul coming to Titletown! Not sure if anyone can help me on this, but prepare for a long winded sentimental story and ask for help, and I apologize in advance for all of it! Anyways, my name is Samuel Paul Mehlberg, guess where the middle name came from.... I'm 25 years old and my sister and I were blessed to live in a house that was constantly listening to the Beatles and Paul McCartney. The favorite Beatle always was Paul, hence my middle name. My family and I saw Paul last live in 2013 at Miller Park in Milwaukee, and it will forever be our favorite concert of all time, no matter what other shows we see, it was that amazing, unless of course seeing Paul in Lambeau tops it. As Green Bay natives and Packer fanatics, that is very possible to see our two passions merge on a single night. Anyways, my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in November, 2010. My Mom fought her cancer for eight hard years with endless love and support from our immediate family (Dad, Sister, and Myself,) extended family and friends. Unfortunately, my Mom lost her battle to breast cancer this past May, and at times it feels the hole her death has left in our family is insurmountable. What I would love to do for my Dad, who lost the love of his life and his forever Beatles partner, is to try and get Paul to do some sort of meet and greet with my father while he's in town this upcoming June. I am not sure if anyone can help me here, but this would help a man who would never ask for a helping hand but could use one at this point in his life heal. The below piece is a speech I wrote for my Mother's funeral which was held at Calvary Lutheran Church in Green Bay, about a half mile north from Lambeau Field where we will see our idol perform six months from now. If anyone could help me try to get this in front of the right people, I would be forever in your debt. Thank you!

      Hello Everyone,


      Thank you all for coming today. I’ve learned many life lessons throughout my 24 years from my parents. A lot of wisdom from my Mom, and mostly what buttons not to push to stay in the good graces of my Mother from my Dad; thanks for paving the way on that one Dad. One of the greatest gifts I’ve received from both my parents is a love for music. I’d like to share a few messages from some of our family favorites that I feel pertain to the amazing woman Lynne Mehlberg was and what has brought us all here today.


      The first song I’d like to reference is “Mother” by Pink Floyd. The song tells the story of a son confessing his fears to his mother, and his mother in turn building a “wall” to protect her baby boy. The final verse of the song comes from the “son” of the narrative and states “Mother did it need to be so high?” Believe me, I asked this very same question as a young, and mind you very dumb, teenager. As I’ve grown older, I began to cherish the “wall” that my Mom had built in order to protect me from all my pain and worries, and I also began to notice that my Mom had been a busy builder, as she had also built walls around each and every one of us here today. I’ve said it before, Lynne Mehlberg only knew one way to love, and that was with everything she had. We have all been comforted throughout our lives from the loving walls my Mom built around us, and for that I am eternally grateful.


      The next song was a personal favorite of my Mom’s for me, and that is “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynard. The morale of the song is around all the things a mother told her son around living a simple, yet fulfilling life. The mother in the song stresses to live life in the moment and seek love, not fame and fortune. While my family and I have never been “rich” in dollars and cents, we have been very wealthy in love, and this precedence was set as early as I can remember from both my parents. Never forget the blessings you all have in your lives, and if at times you find yourselves wanting, remember “Simple Man”, and the love of Lynne Mehlberg, and I believe you will all find yourselves fulfilled indeed.


      Moving on now to hallowed ground for the Mehlbergs, that being “the Beatles.” Growing up, my family did a lot of driving. Whether that was to hockey games all across the state, or to family vacations in Gulf Shores, Alabama. One consistent you could find on all those trips, in addition to just about any relaxing night at home or at the cabin, was “the Beatles.”


      I’d like to highlight three “Beatles” songs with you all today, the first being “Blackbird.” “Blackbird” tells the story of a song bird with broken wings which becomes healed and learns to fly again. My Mom has been nothing short of an angel to everyone’s life she touched. During my Mom’s nearly eight-year fight with cancer, her wings were unfairly damaged. I’m here to tell you that my Mom’s wings are now whole again, in heaven and in our hearts, and we can all leave here today knowing our angel will be with us every step of the way.

      The second Beatle’s song I’d like to share is “Revolution.” After hearing the news that my Mom’s cancer had again progressed and that she was no longer eligible to receive treatment through her clinical trial, it became clear to me that the final chapter had begun. During this period, my outlet for coping became my house, which is nearing the end of its year-long remodel that has seen its fair share of blood, sweat, and tears. One long night as I attempted to occupy my heart and mind while working and finding solace in “the Beatles” over my speaker, “Revolution” came on. While it is a great song, I don’t think Meg, Dad, Mom or me would put it in any of our top five’s as far as “the Beatles” go; and yes we do in fact have these discussions, we’re super-fans and we are proud of it. “Revolution” talks about the troubles “the Beatles” faced during their day and how in the midst of that, everything is going to be “alright.” As I listened to the song, I stopped working and began to ponder the lyrics while applying them to everything that was troubling me, I was overwhelmed with a sense of calm. My Mom has always put everyone else’s needs and wants before her own, and just because she is no longer here with us on earth doesn’t mean that has changed. My Mom will still remind us that everything is going to be “alright”, just like in “Revolution.” To honor the beautiful woman my Mom, Lynne Mehlberg, was, we must all go forth from this day knowing everything is going to be alright.


      Lastly, the album Abbey Road is essentially a montage of short songs that play in succession. The second to last song on the album is titled “The End.” The final verse of the song states “And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.” The love my family and I have felt over the last week has been amazing, and this full church today is testament to the love my Mom received throughout her life. My Mom’s love was powerful, and it was abundant. She loved everyone here today as she loved her own family. Let us all remember and cherish the woman my Mom was, and find solace in the fact that her love is still all around us.


      Thank you.


      Sam Mehlberg

        Your family gave your mother a wonderful life, which should provide you with some solace, among other sources of comfort. Has she come to you in dreams? To others in your family? That often happens. I wish Paul would give your Dad a shout out somehow. Remember, though, he must get a lot of these requests, which must get somewhat overwhelming for him.