RUMBLE Indians Who Rocked The World


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      Watched this on PBS Independent Lens last night. It was EXCELLENT!!!


      RUMBLE (The song) was released in April 1958 and was part of the birth of the power chord and exploring the use of distortion.


        Sousa On The Rez...and, Indians Like Us are two other good ones to watch

          26 out of the 50 states in The United States Of America, bear Indian related names.

            Robbie Robertson of The Band is part Native on mothers side. He spent a lot of his summers at Six Nations about 5k from my home. Quite a few famous people are from Six Nations including actor Graham Green & Jay Silverheels. I'm not sure which Clan his mother belonged to. Are you Native? What's your Clan? 


              Hey Rockerdude,

              Robbie and many others including Jimi Hendrix are named in that video if you watch it. I am Native American in Spirit mostly and by virtue of profound synchronous coincidences. My avatar pic is one example. It was taken in my mid teens at the time that Rubber Soul was out and Sgt. Pepper was being written. I was caught between wanting a moptop haircut and my mom's wishes to have my hair cut shorter. I asked the barber to cut it short on the sides and leave it long on top. It had grown out some in the pic. The school heckler decided that it looked like a Mohican haircut and started calling me TONTO. Because he was a jerk, I didn't like it at first but then grew to love it. It stuck with me for a long time. My 2nd girlfriend in my life was while living in Kansas. She had the last name Totem. I went with a girl for 3 years in my early 20's who was mostly Native American. One of my first friends in school and a top line athlete like I was, was mostly Native American as well. Found this incredibly beautiful picture online a little bit ago...


                As far as Indian Bands that ROCKED the world, BLACKFOOT and REDBONE were two bands that kicked a*s!

                Here's one from BLACKFOOT! 


                  Here's one from REDBONE!