Michael Buble’s Super Bowl ad for Bubly


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Posted by Nancy R

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      His commercial was the funniest one of them all! 

        What about the Half Time show? What's up with Adam Levine taking off his shirts layer by layer? 


        Fans Are DESTROYING Maroon 5 for Their Halftime Show

        And people are talking about the Andy Warhol commercial a lot. It's been on the news a few times.




          I liked the Dalmation, Dylan , Clydesdale and Wind Power commercial. 


          The most interesting statistic in the game was that the very first and only points in the first half of the game, were scored by a guy named... Steve :) ;) Haha! (Stephen Gostowski) who dedicated the kick to his Grandfather! :)

            Thanks, oobu. Yes, it is a cool one! Nearly 19 million views! :)

              Tonight saw another version where a little girl asks “Mr. Bubly” for his autograph and he corrects her pronunciation! 😂