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        This is the album I go to most often.  I love the musical growth of the group from HELP! (which actually demonstrated it's own growth from previous albums).  When I insert the single left off Rubber Soul ("We Can Work It Out/"Day Tripper), it becomes sheer perfection.  There's nothing I don't like on Rubber Soul.  It deserves the Deluxe treatment.  The vocals and instrumentation need better placement in the mix.  Too often all the vocals are on one side and the instrumentation on the other in the current mix. When one hears  the remixed "Nowhere Man" on the "Yellow Submarine Songtrack" with all it's richness, one knows just how good Rubber Soul could sound.  Don't know why they skipped over that one...or Revolver....not to mention every single album before those!  wink


          The album was a beautiful mix of their youthful joy and developing adult wisdom.