2 concerts in WI followed by one in IL


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      How many concerts of Paul’s have you been to?

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      Having seen Paul in concert 7 times already I have  the chance with a little driving to see the 3 consecutive ones in the title ,namely Madison Green Bay and Moline and am pretty sure there are some others going to be doing the same-maybe we can get together at 7:30 before each show at the very back of the floor section for a meet andd greet compare notes and just share our wonderful concert experiences-I will be wearing a Paul hat and my name is Dave

      Hope to see some of you there,,

        Also when I saw Paul in Des Moines 2005 (see the vault)

        “For the last encore, Paul came out with the American flag. Rusty had the Iowa State flag and Wix carried his tiny British flag.

        At the end of the show someone threw a stuffed monkey on stage which Paul picked up. Macca began acting like a monkey which encouraged the rest of the band to do the 'monkey dance."  “


        I threw the monkey and have a close enough seat in Moline to do that again if I can get it thru security -maybe others can do that in Green Bay and Madison!

          June 22nd at Petco Park will be my 10th McCartney concert!