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      How long do his concerts usually last?  Thanks.

        if i remember it felt like about 2 hours. but really, the only reason to see Ringo's show is to gawk at a Beatle. i mean i'm glad i went but i doubt i'd go again

          His concerts are horrific.

            Two hours on the nose. Ringo does 12 songs, and each of the fuor All Starrs does three each.




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              Two hours on the nose. Ringo does 12 songs, and each of the four All Starrs does three each.

                Maccaroni1974 wrote:

                His concerts are horrific.

                Don’t let my BFF Jennifer hear you say that! 😂 She’s seen Ringo God knows how many times and has met him twice.

                (I saw him once in Atlanta in 1997 and that was enough for me. She lives in Nashville and is seeing him at the Ryman on August 7th) 

                  Maccaroni1974 wrote:

                  His concerts are horrific.

                  We went last year, and thought it was lots of fun. Ringo has a great sense of humor, loves to banter with the audience. He is smart enough to have some very talented musicians with him in his All Starr Band, we enjoyed all of them immensely.

                    I'd also disagree with those negatives here.  The two hours is accurate.  I finally saw him last fall for the first time, thinking it would be okay but not great, and I had a blast and would go in an instant if I get a chance.  The band was fantastic.  Hearing Gregg Rolie singing Black Magic Woman with Steve Lukather showing off his brilliant lead guitar skills in a bit of an extended jam was amazing.  There was a ton more to the concert than "gawking at Ringo".  Ringo was great, and the band was outstanding.

                    I talked to a friend a few days later who did the same thing in a different city the next tour stop, finally seeing him after so long, and he had exactly the same reaction I did.  


                      I saw Ringo a couple years ago in San Francisco. It was about 2 hours, and roughly half him and half All-Starrs singing their songs. It was a fun show, and he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself.

                        I saw him in 2010 at the Greek Theater in L.A., his final show of the tour. It was 2 hours, and it was fantastic!