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        What's this about, Nancy? I can't get it to appear. Thanks for info.

          i guess you have to be on Twitter to see it. I copied part:

          “Ringo wasn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles.” Never said by John Lennon. Jasper Carrott’s office claimed it as 1983 gag; proof now it was said earlier, in BBC comedy Radio Active in Oct 1981. File here. Voice by Philip Pope. Written by Geoffrey Perkins. Not by John Lennon.

          This was on Mark Lewisohn’s Twitter feed. (He wrote Tune In, the Beatles bio) Also included was the actual audio file of the guy who said it in 1981. 

            I always thought it was iffy that Lennon really said that.  If he did, I supposed he must refer to Paul, whom I've seen in pix banging on the drums. I'm not surprised if/that he didn't really say it.