When I'm Sixty-Four (can I get a message to Sir Paul?)


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      Dear Sir Paul,

      Thank you for writing “When I'm Sixty-Four”. 

      In 1972-1973 (47 years ago) we were song leaders at Santa Monica High School, SAMOHI.  We have stayed close friends all these years.  “When I'm Sixty-Four” was our Pep Rally Song, which we danced to each Friday in the SAMOHI Greek Theatre.  We found the band music for “When I’m Sixty-Four” at a music store in downtown Los Angeles, went to the band director and he agreed to teach this song to the high school band.  

      Ever since then we have planned to do something big for our 64th birthdays, which happens this year, we all turn 64 in 2019!  When we heard you were coming to Southern California with your Freshen Up Tour, we decided in honor of our 64th birthdays we would attend the Freshen Up Concert at Petco Park in San Diego on June 22.  We were hoping you would play "When I'm Sixty-Four ".  If not, we wanted to let you know how special you and this song have always been to us, thank you for writing such great music. 

      With Sincere Appreciation,

      The SAMOHI 1972-1973 Songs

      Jackie, Patty, Liane, Margie, Wendy and Sally

        I too turned 64 this year! Wish one of his people would read your post and get the message to Paul, but highly doubtful. ☹️  If you have close floor seats, make signs saying “We all are 64 this year!” for all 6 of you. Maybe the 6th person’s could say “Please play When I’m 64!” He played a bit of it at his old home on Forthlin Rd. in Liverpool on James Corden’s carpool karaoke, so it’s not like he doesn’t know it by heart! Good luck and have fun. (My friend and I saw him May 30th in Greenville, SC)

          Just wanted to let everyone know that music lives in everyone!

          My mother will turn 100 July 16 and her favorite songs are Mull of Kintyre, All My Loving & Yesterday

          Doesn't remember the words anymore but she still bops along. 

            Did he play it? I have heard him play 4 different songs from Sgt Pepper's, but never "When I'm 54".

              No, he didn't play "When I'm Sixty-Four" but he did play for over 3 hours!  It was a fantastic concert.  With five of my closest high school friends and our spouses.  We had so much fun!  This is one concert I will never forget.  Thank you Sir Paul.