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      It's the 20 year anniversary of John F. Kennedy Jr.'s tragic plane accident that killed him, his wife Carolyn Bessette and her sister Lauren Bessette.  He was a charming, kind, handsome man who meant so much to the United States. Many think he could easily have been President if he ever ran. I believe  John  would have had the power and charm to unify and heal divides, to a large extent. I think he would have tried to help and not harm and hinder progress.  A new book is coming out about him. I recently read a new book about the new generation of Kennedys,  which also covered the Kennedy past. I came away with a greater appreciation for Ethel Kennedy, who said her generation of Kennedys never really got over the two assassinations and she asked how anyone could expect that.  She also suffered the deaths of two of her sons. 

      It's an interesting book, but the author surprisingly  claims that John did LSD and ecstasy many, many times with his longtime friend John Perry Barlow, who ran a cowboy ranch and wrote some of the Grateful Dead lyrics. That they were heavy into drugs together. Neither is alive to refute this and stand up for themselves, and I hated that claim.  It besmirches part of John's reputation and legacy for anyone who believes it's true.  He certainly looked too preppy to have been a big dope head, and it seems like if he did psychedelics that often, he'd have transformed into more of a hippie look and behaviors; that it would have rubbed off on him a lot more. You think?  One can't deny he was a careless and reckless "extreme sports" enthusiast. I harbor some resentment towards him for being so cavillier with his and his wife and  sister in law's lives.

      John F. Kennedy Jr. will never be forgotten, one hopes. He meant a great deal to Americans, is part of  our history,  and was popular worldwide.

        Well said. He definitely should have taken advantage of the pilot who offered to fly them. He (John) was not instrument rated and could only fly by sight! That stupid mistake cost him, his wife and her sister their lives. So sad! I am old enough to remember both RFK’s and JFK’s assassinations vividly. That family was cursed, I swear!