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      I like to write about things with powerful messages behind them.

      I'm trying to chase my dreams and be able to make a living with what I enjoy doing, which is why I'm reaching out here, posting some of my work.

      Since Apple isn't no longer about, I still respect Paul and consider him one of the most successful songwriters of all time.

      I need some help which is why I'm here.

      Humanity Before Religion ©2019

      By Craig Schulze

      Whether your Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or Christian,Or choose to live life without religion, All of us share one thing in common,And that's the love we give to our young. Our young are born into a world of no understanding,Of the divisive nature that we all bring, Into this world so let's remember,What its like to be young without such temper,Try and love Humanity before your religion, As anything else is just a sin.Remembrance of God as the all powerful creator,Of the universe and galaxies, should remind you not to hate, yeah? Our only hope is peace and sanity, Because we are one, we are humanity. 

      God bless you all ♥️

        Very nice, Craig! :-)