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      Here is another poem by myself. Even if it takes me an entire lifetime, I'm not giving up chasing after my dreams. I want to write song lyrics, poetry, stories and I am hoping there are some people reading thisthat can help me achieve this somehow! 

      Twisted World © 2019By Craig Schulze

      I sat and read the news this morning,Sceptical of all the lies it would bring. Im aware that they always got an agenda, Attacking our thoughts through their own propaganda. 

      So I base my opinions with my eyes wide open, Always wishing that it just wouldnt happen. But I'm not naive to the world we live inIt's a dangerous place with all that fightin'

      East attacks west because west deceives east, Whispers become louder as the elephant sleeps, The whole world oblivious and unable to see, What's really going on its full of hypocrisy. 

      Wolves in sheep's clothing herding the rest, It's a twisted world putting us all to the test, Different regimes communist against democracy, Disguised as capitalist but its plutocracy and autocracy. 

      It's the people that suffer as they give up theirPower, To all those wolves until its the final hour, The elephant is waking and what will be told? In this messed up life, in this twisted world.