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      This photo was taken in St. Peter’s Church Hall, Woolton, Liverpool on the 6th July 2017 commemorating the historical occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Garden Fete when Paul McCartney was introduced to John Lennon by his friend Ivan Vaughan. L-R Rod Davis, Len Garry, Nigel Walley (Manager of the Quarrymen) Chas Newby, Colin Hanton and John “Duff” Lowe.

        June 22, 1957

          Nice colorized version of July 6, 1957:

            Just found on FB. Another photo, taken by Mike McCartney, from Mar. 8, 1958:

              Here is a much clearer version of this famous photo from 1958. Arthur Kelly (George's friend) is the other guy.

                And colorized with Arthur cropped out:

                  Oooo love the colorization


                      Regarding the photo taken on June 22, 1957 where a young man in glasses is seen watching who looks a lot like Macca, someone posted this on FB: (he didn't die yesterday - don't know when OP was made - I do know the poster, though)