Redeem download of Pipes of Peace failed.


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Posted by calicoskych2001

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      asI got halfway downloading my Download card of Pipes of Peace and some downloads failed.  I pressed the Retry Dowload button on my browser but got a "Download Failed" message.  I reloaded the page and now couldn't not access the tracks that failed getting a “Sorry, this media item is no longer available using this access code” message.

        Bump.  I contacted the webmaster again and still haven’t had a reply.

          TheRowdyMan wrote:

          Bump.  I contacted the webmaster again and still haven’t had a reply.

          This info is a year old but was written by the current Moderator of this site: (If this doesn’t help, send her a PM)

          calicoskych2001 wrote:

          The last I heard is that support for this download is being managed by Dropcards. Dropcards FAQ section may be found here: 


          If the solution to your problem is not found within Dropcards FAQ sections, you may contact Dropcards Customer Support for further assistance here:


          I hope this information helps and all is resolved swiftly! 

            A few weeks ago I have alerted our tech team to the issues some members are experiencing  with redeeming the downloads and have been told that they are aware of the problem and are working on a solution. Needless to say that I will pass on any news that I will receive!