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      In an ideal world I’d be able to thank Paul for the gift his music has given my family but in the absence of being able to, I’d like to ‘put it out there’ and this seems like the best place to do it, bear with me!

      i was brought up on a diet of Beatles music due to my dad’s love of The Beatles and as a result am a huge fan myself. My dad is now 75 and sadly lives in the cruel  fog of Alzheimer’s disease in a care home. He no longer recognises any of his family, can’t walk or talk and without the Beatles would have no joy in his life at all. Miraculously the only thing he does respond to is when we put his music on, to this he smiles, taps his hands or feet to the music and tries to sing some words. It is a true gift and now his only pleasure in life. For this, we will forever be grateful. Thank you Paul x

        Trudie, so sorry about your dad, but glad that the Beatles' music gives him happiness! ✌️❤️

          Thanks xx