Disengaging to Rest and Do Other Work


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      Disengaging to Rest and do Other Work

      Published in AUIS Literary Journal, The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani


      I walk the dogs           

      under a sweetgum tree

      on a crisp day 


      I hear sounds like             

      sticks scraping

      or papers rustling


      when it occurs

      to me that

      all it is, is


      leaves disembarking

      from their life source

      without pain


      without a plan

      randomly gliding

      into each other


      on their journeys

      down, down, down

      to rest, to decay


      to enrich the soil

      to feed the tree

      that gave them life—


      the sound

      of  the life cycle

      beginning again.


      Copyright © 2018 by Fan4-45years. All rights reserved.


        Very nice.

          Thanks, oobu. Working on my manuscript for a book. Happy Halloween!!!