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Posted by Nancy R

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      Hello Macca fans,

      Where I can find this show to buy? I live in Brazil and my version of the Red Rose Speedway is the special, not deluxe.

      I've seen this on Itunes and Amazon but can't buy the download because isn't available there. 

      I really love the Wings 72/73 tour, anyone know if this one will appear on another platforms like Netflix, Google Play or even if Paul will release it on DVD/Blu-ray? 


        It is only available in the deluxe 1971-1973 version seen here:


        However, it is sold out on Paul's site. Pretty sure I got mine from musicvaultz.com out of Canada. Nobody seems to have it now.  You'd pay big bucks for it on eBay. 

          oobu24 wrote:

          Look at Amazon:



          Cool! I didn't realize you could just buy it on its own!