Paul is not dead.


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      Yes, we heard he had his moped accident and scar, heard about a car accident with his car... Paul was not in his car during the accident... and do not laugh, but there is an online report the MI5 opened an investigation to find if Sir Paul McCartney was an imposter in attendance of Ceremonies of Her Royal Highness. Drivers are fingerprinted for their licenses. Before, during, and long past 1966, accident reports with photographs were front-page news, even for non-celebrities. There are comments public records for William Shears Campbell ceased in 1966... he was the one who more than likely died. There would be law enforcement, ambulance, and news reporter photographs of the accident scene, including the body, as you know from news reports and front pages of newspapers in those days... and for many years after. The "clues" in- and of the album covers and lyrics of The Beatles were illegal (to fake a death is illegal), yet highly successful publicity stunts for all of the voyeurs, the word used during- and after 1966 to describe those with morbid curiosity as lookers-on, would-be Sherlock Holmes detectives, in reality, attention-starved for Social Acceptance and attention seekers for Social Approval... later described by the angry phrase "Get a life" in reference to the many, many earlier years of idots with "no lives". There would also be Coroner's Reports for Public Access. The recent death of Stephanie Niznik is reported as if to make fun of the lack of Cause of Death. Contact the L.A. Coroner, and you will receive an E-Mail reply: Cause of Death: Chronic Liver Disease. Other factors: Chronic Alcohol Use. Manner of Death: Natural (because she was a public figure, no cause of death reported in the biggest news magazines and newspapers, and because of the unexpected death at home, the Coroner's Report and Autopsy are Required by Law, and you will also receive in your E-Mail the Coroner's Report Case Number for her Report).