Unacceptable Problems With Digital Downloads


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Posted by HaileyMcComet

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      Have you ever had problems with using your download redemption codes?

      I purchased and had problems with Macca Digital Downloads
      I purchased but never had a problem with a Macca Digital Download
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      Hi there!

      We all love Paul. Enough to buy his music. The problem is we don't get it after paying. I'm pretty sure the man himself wuld say this just isn't right! :)

      Please fix the PaulMcCartney.com/redeem link. It's obviously plainly broken. This shouldn't be that hard to fix. I have a code for NEW after buying the vinyl and I can't get what I paid for which is an additional digital download. Many prior complaints in this forum.

      This really does need to get fixed and we'd be super appreciative if someone could give us an update on what is happening to resolve this.

      Thanks! :)


        Totally quote.I have purchased "Ram" and "McCartney" on vinyl and both download codes were expired ("invalid").I really wanted to have the tracks available on my mp3 player and certainly won't rip the vinyl after I spent money to have the digital files too. The label costumer service should intervene asap and provide new dl codes. 

          Nothing even happens for me when I hit the Redeem button.

            They're thinking about changing the name from Maccaboard to Unacceptable Problems.