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Posted by Nancy R

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      Hello there, hi there!

      i'm Joko from Jakarta, Indonesia and am a huge Sir  Paul and The Beatles fan since i was a baby (my dad said that i was dancing while listening to Twist and Shout when i was 2 years old).

      I decided to join this forum because I'm currently rewrite one of The Beatles song and i want to ask permission to Sir Paul as one of the original songwriter. I'm not going to publish it for commercial purpose, just for the girl that i'd crush on . Is there anyone here knows where and who to contact for asking the permission?

      Thank you for anyone who read and reply this.

        Welcome Joko! 

        Paul didn't have anything to do with writing the song "Julia" - only John Lennon. If you are just going to change some of the words and sing it live to the girl, you don't need permission. You would only need permission if you were going to record it and try to sell it (permission from John Lennon's estate/Yoko Ono and also Paul since he is listed as co-writer, just like he was for "Give Peace A Chance" even though he had nothing to do with that song either!)