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      A warm HELLO to all the great people that appreciate Paul here on this forum. I am ecstatic to be joining you and reach out to all those who love Paul and The Beatles. I was but a youngster of 7 years old when I first heard 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' and 'She Loves You' from a 45RPM record in then small town Tulsa, Oklahoma. I immediately bought the record and later some drumsticks and a Beatle wig and Beatle boots. I've been loving the music ever since. I am so blessed to have seen Paul LIVE 3 times and hope to attend more of his shows. I'd really like to get to know you so give me a 'Twist And Shout'.


        Welcome! I was 8 then in late Dec. 1963 when I first heard those songs on the radio in a western suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Instant fan and remained so for all these years. You can see when I saw Paul below. Did you get to see him in 1976? The. Best. Concert. Ever. 

        P.S. Some of the boardies here are from the U.K. or other countries. 

          Hi and welcome!!

          I was 8 also in February 1964, and have been a huge fan of the Beatles (especially Paul) since then. I am lucky to have seen Paul on numerous occassions, as well as a few Ringo shows and one George concert back in '74. I'm sure you'll find this site interesting!